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Barry Jones, Web Master (bjbowls21@aol.com)

 Latest League News Headlines What's New on Line for 2015

02/03/2015  Secretaries of Senior Citizens Clubs (2015 season)
As you will be aware the League Fixtures are now available on the Web site and through the new online system. Unfortunately the new system is not able to accommodate the League requirement to high light the teams that play AM , so listed below are all the teams that play AM on Wednesday mornings Division 3 Wombourne C - Division 4 Cradley H Libs C , Somers C , Romsley C - Division 5 Dudley Sports C, Kingswinford Cons C, Swindon C, Swindon D, Mary Stevens Park C - Mary Stevens Park D, Dudley Sports D. Further Dudley Dell C play on DMBEC Green and play PM. Please ensure that your Captains are aware of the above (same as in previous years ) and that they do not fall into the trap of turning up late and being fined for not turning up. Derek Brookes Secretary & Barry Jones Fixture Secretary

18/09/2015 Update on this weeks Final played at Coseley Athletic for the Champion of Champions Final the winner being David Whitehouse Cradley H L ibs beating Terry Cadman Glasscutters 21- 18 , played on a sunny afternoon with good support and excellent green .
Following on from the Senior Citizens Challenge Match v East Bham over 60's recently played on 21st August , below are the Individual score of the players involved
Home - Coombs Wood Away
Crown Forget Me Knot
Terry Cadman Glasscutters 21 -9
Mick Brown Dudley Dell 13 -21
Fred Richards George 21 -17
Jeany Geary Woodman SW 21 -8
Doug Talbot Royal Oak 8 -21
Dave Barker Coombs Wood 21 -17
Graham Davies Glasscutters 13 -21
Dave Bell Langley 21 -12
Lynn Morgan Glasscutters 21 -20
Mario Caserio Langley 21 -8
Phill Baker Somers 21 -15
Joan Billingham Woodman SW 6 -21
John Harris Glasscutters 15 -21
Ray Labrum Romsley 9 -21
Colin Dewis Gate 21 -19
Mick Walker Coombs Wood 9 -21
Paul Jackson Wernley 21 - 12
Eric Winstone George 21 -15
Keith Hill WBFSC 13 -21
Bill Chiswell George 20 - 21
Bob Archer Cradley Spts 4 -21
Alan Mole Woodman SW 16 -21
Ivan Cox Cradley Spts 21 -14
Bill Bowater Glasscutters 19 -21
With 12 winners each and an overall loss of 16 shots. look forward to next year's reversal of scores .
Many thanks to all the players and supporters for attending both home and away venues
Derek Brookes
League Secretary

18/09/2015 Finally on behalf of the Dudley League I would like to congratulate Greg Smith WBFSC on winning the Autumn HandiCap at Blackpool this week shown on ITV4 and also to our Chairman Mick Brown for his Refereeing Duties at the same event .Derek Brookes League Secretary

14/09/2015 Senior Citizens Challenge Cup result of this Final was a win for the George A over Wernley A by 18 shots with each side having 3 winners . M O M went to Bill Chiswell coming back from 11-1 down to reduce the Lead Wernley had after 3 ends to 2 .
This week at Coseley Athletic sees the last Final of the season with the
Senior Citizens Champion of Champions played on Thursday 17th Sept start 1.00pm

Those of you who will be watching the
Bowls TV coverage from the Waterloo on ITV 4 look out for Mick Brown who will be doing some Referring on Tuesday / Wednesday this week. Derek Brookes

09/09/2015 The Final of the Senior Citizens Challenge Cup takes place on Thursday 10th September at Coombs Wood start 1.00pm between George and Wernley teams as follows (George names first)
(1) Peter Hayne v Eric Templeton (2) Fred Richards v Colin Drew (3) Bill Chiswell v Paul Jackson
(4) Paul Rose v Lorraine Price (5) John Deakin v Ben Roberts (6) Eric Winstone v Alan Turton
In last week's
Senior Citizens Triples Final the winners were Woodman SW beating Gate C G 21 -11 played at M & B . Woodman SW have now won the Trophy 3 years running Joan Taylor

30/08/2015 Will Merit winners for this year and Divisional Awards winners from 2014 please arrange to return the Trophies / Cups in a cleaned condition to Wilson Hall Colley Gate (opposite Gate CG ) on Tuesday 8th September 2015 at 8.00pm onwards ( not before as I have a meeting before hand )
This years
Prize Presentation is at Cradley Sports & Social Club , on Friday 6th November tickets 2.50 ea from myself
Attached listing of Divisional awards, Missing items I have in my possession.. Also listing for Merit winners again with missing items in my possession
Derek Brookes Secretary

28/08/2015 SENIOR CITIZENS CHALLENGE CUP FINAL & CHAMPION OF CHAMPION FINAL for full details go to merits & comps Joan Taylor

25/08/2015 The Final of the Ladies Division 1 & 2 Doubles takes place on Friday this week at Baggeridge start 7.00pm
In the
Senior Citizens Challenge Match played last Friday Dudley lost to East Birmingham over 60's League by 6 shots at home and 10 shots away. Derek Brookes

23/08/2015 The Final of the Peter Barnes Senior Citizens Doubles was won by Derek Aldridge & Joan Taylor Coombs Wood beating holders Alan Price & Dave White House 18 -15 after trailing at one time 14 -4 .Derek Brookes

The final of the Dudley Herald Cup between The George & Royal Oak. the George wo by 23. Man of the match was Neil Hopwood of the George.

19/08/2015 SENIOR CITIZENS TRIPLES FINAL go to merits & Comps and allow the link Joan Taylor

16/08/2015 Events this week are as follows Thursday 20th August Senior Citizens Peter Barnes Doubles Final to be held at Royal Oak Quinton starting at 1.00pm. Holders Alan Price & Dave Whitehouse will be looking to retain their Trophy.
Friday 21st August sees the
Senior Challenge Match against East Birmingham Over 60' s League Home Leg being played at Combs Wood and the away leg at Crown Forget Me Knot Tyburn Rd Birmingham , both matches start at 11.00am.
Friday 21st August sees the
Final of the Herald Cup being played at Woodfield Sports Club,W oodfield Av, Penn WV4 4AD . Final is between George and Royal Oak , the George have previously won the trophy 8 times whilst the Royal oak have won the Trophy twice , Start time 7.00pm.  Derek Brookes Secretary

15/08/2015 Ladies Handicap Cup: Winners of this event was Woodman Saltwells with 4 winners and + 22 against Coombs Wood ,played at Coseley Tavern, which will be more interesting when the new extension is opened  Derek Brookes Secretary

12/08/2015 Ladies Handicap Cup Final takes place on Friday 14th August at Coseley Tavern start 7.00pm between Combs Wood + 6 v Woodman Saltwells scratch, Woodman Saltwells last won the trophy in 2010 and eliminated the holders Dudley Dell at the semi Final stage, that was decided on best winner result . Coombs Wood have yet to win the trophy but have a 6 shot start. Looking forward to a good match
Derek Brookes Secretary

08/08/2015 Winner of the Dudley League Individual Merit played at Somers was Nathan Dawes Dudley Dell who beat Grant Cooper Glasscutters 21 -7 in the final Derek

Venue - BAGGERIDGE. For finalist go to Merits & Comps/Ladies Doubles Ladies please adhere to dress code. Thank You

04/08/2015 LADIES HANDICAP CUP FINAL FRIDAY AUGUST 14TH 2015 7.p.m. START Venue - COSELEY TAVERN. Woodman Saltwells sc. v Coombs Wood +6. Ladies dress code will apply Thank you. Jean

27/07/2015  Now on line details of competition and cups: Dudley Mens Individual Final, Dudley Mixed Doubles Final, Peter Barnes Doubles Final (seniors) and Senior Citizens Challenge Cup Semi Final Draw Chris Lambert & Joan Taylor

25/07/2015 The result of the Mixed Pairs held at Cradley Libs was Claire Pugh & Lee Bevin 20 Kaye Coulthard & Craig Skidmore 21. Well done Kaye & Craig. Mandy Pagett

24/07/2015 The 2015 winner of the Senior Citizens Over 70's trophy was  Joan Billingham Woodman SW who beat last years winner Ray Turner WBFSC 21 -19 after being 18- 14 down at one stage. Derek

20/07/2015 Dates for your diary: This week the League are staging two Finals of Competitions
Firstly on Thursday at Langley starting at 1.00pm sees the Senior Citizens over
70's Willetts Trophy taking place
Followed on Friday by the Final of the
Mixed Doubles at Cradley Heath Libs starting at 6.45pm support would be welcomed
Saturday 31st July sees the
end of player registrations and transfers for this season. Derek Brookes

18/07/2015 Seniors Citizens Triples Qualifying Round. Go to Merits and Comps and follow the links Barry Jones Web Master

18/07/2015 Dudley Herald Cup Final 2015 Friday 21st AUGUST 2015 @7pm ROYAL OAK vs THE GEORGE At Woodfield B.C. No1 Green. Chris Lambert Dudley Herald Cup Secretary

13/07/2015 Go to Merits & Comps for all information, including the draw for the Dudley League mixed doubles final which is being held on Friday 24th July at Cradley Heath Libs. If you have competitors, please ensure they are aware of this information and arrive at the CORRECT venue in Cradley. Chris  Lambert

13/07/2015 The winner of the Ladies Individual Merit Final was Sarah Fletcher who beat Joanne Webster 21 - 2 in the Final , both Ladies had single win figures in the qualifying rounds , Derek

07/07/2015 The Ladies Handicap Cup Semi Final draw & the last 8 of the Mens Doubles results go to Merits & Comps. Joan Taylor & Chris Lambert

03/07/2015 Seniors Citizens Individual Merit winner was Dave Bell (Langley) who beat Jenny Geary (Woodman Saltwells) 21-17

The Senior Citizens Challenge Cup Draw for round 4 & Ladies Doubles go to Merits & Comps.

02/07/2015 In the merits & comps listing can you alter the date for the QR in the triples from 9th July to 6th August Derek

02/07/2015 Please note regarding The Men's Doubles Final is on Friday 3rd July at Langley start 6.45 pm Derek


For all details concerning the above competitions go merits and comps. Barry Jones.

11/06/2015 Junior & Adult Doubles The above Competition is being staged on Sunday 28th June at Coombs Wood start 1.30pm entries 4.00 per pair , Juniors under the age of 18 on 1st Jan 2015 For the Adults this can be Parents , Grandparents , Team members etc, etc . Entries to Mandy Pagett via Email , or Entry form which is attached . Sponsorship will be from Mick Brown, Mandy Pagett & Derek Brookes - Derek Brookes

09/06/2015 All games 18 up except final. The Dudley League Mens Doubles Merit final will take place on 3rd July 2015 at Langley Bowling Club, starting at 6.45pm. Go to Merits & Comps for the draw.

02/06/2015 The Dudley League Mixed Doubles Merit qualifiers took place recently and for the list of qualifiers for the final go to Merits and Comps and follow the links.

The Herald Cup Semi Final Draw is as follows Royal Oak A v Greets Green; The George v Coombs Wood.  All matches to be played on Friday 17th July at 7pm.

02/06/2015 Dudley League Mens Merit Qualifiers Go to Merits and Comps and follow the links. Chris Lambert

27/05/2015 Senior Citizens Challenge Cup Round 2, Willetts Cup Qualifying Round, **George Smith Final Ladies Handicap R2 For more information go o Merits and Comps and follow the link


24/05/2015 Senior Citizens Doubles & triples Competitions The closing date for these two Competitions is Wednesday 10th June entries to Joan Taylor via the entry forms in Secretary's possession or via email to joanmjt@gmail.com . Further copy of form attached Derek Brookes

18/05/2015  Ladies Individual Merit Competition,  Due to the poor response the qualifying round will not now be played and will be combined with the Final on Friday 10th July.   For a list of players entering this competition go to Merits & Competitions.   Derek Brookes, Secretary

01/05/2015 The closing date for the Ladies Singles & Doubles Competition is Tuesday 5th May entries to Joan Taylor at joanmjt@gmail.com
Last year the entries for the Ladies Division 2 Doubles was very poor with no qualifying round being played , so Ladies of Division 2 lets have your entries for the Double
s Derek Brooks

26/04/2015 Now on the webe Seniors George Smith competition prelimnary round and Ladies Handicap Cup Round 1 Joan Taylor

21/04/2015 Mixed Doubles Qualifying round draw go to Merit & Competition/Mixed Doubles. Chris Lambert

19/04/2014 Closing date for the Smith & Pagett Competitions is Wednesday 22nd April a further copy of the entry form is attached
Entries to
Joan Taylor

13/04/2015 The last four in the final of the Dudley League Junior Merit held on DMBEC 13th April Tom Skidmore 21, Joe Michael Dicken 3
Lucy Skidmore 21 Sam Gritton 2. Final: Tom Skidmore 21 Lucy Skidmore 15
Mandy Pagett

13/04/2015 PLEASE NOTE Due to circumstances it has been necessary to change the venue for the above match, GATE.C.G. v OLD CROSS A. will now be played on CRADLEY HEATH LIBS. Thank You. Joan Taylor

06\04/2015 Club Registrations 2015
I have now completed entering all the players from your registration forms on to the new result pages.
Can you please check your clubs list of players and if there are any missing, wrong spellings or players who have left, please let me know as soon as possible. My email address is
bjbowls21@aol.com or ring me on 07881 966394.
Could I just remind you that the cost for registering players is nil, but use an unregistered player and it will cost your club 10, have points deducted and scores which could mean a game that was won becomes a defeat. It will only take you a few minutes to check the list! If you wish to add players to your list during the season, please let me know (not Derek as he has enough to do).

I wish you all the best for the coming season.
Barry Jones Match Secretary

This is a just to let all clubs know that the Royal Oak Bowling Club now have floodlights - Maggie Pailing Secretary

28/03/2015 Sedgley Ex's B.C. As you will recall I advised at the AGM that there may be problems with parking at the rear of our club
Following a recent incident which affects this area we have decided to advise all clubs NOT to use the rear access to Sedgley Ex ie DO NOT use Springfield Grove to approach the bowls green. Could you please post this notice on your web bowls sites and advise all clubs accordingly.
We apologize for this restriction and we are looking at alternatives but unfortunately its back to the old problem of long distance parking and a walk to the bowls green. The incident we had involved some diesel being spilt on the bowls green but thanks to Mike Lewis and Terry Slater attending quickly we are hoping that it will not have too great an effect on the surface.
Ian Dallaway Secretary

26/03/2015 I have today been told that a portion of our green Thimblemill Rec will need to be cordoned off for safety reasons. I would be grateful if you could let member clubs know in time for the coming season. Many thanks Paul Chapman Secretary

23/03/2015 In the close season the Woodman Mount Pleasant Public House has reopened as a Public House and Restaurant . so could Bowlers please park in front of the Pub allowing Restaurant users access to the side of the Pub. Further as the Pub is now opened, Bowlers should use the Pub for their drinks and not bring their own . Brian Wyatt Woodman MP

01/03/2015 The Junior Merit will be held on Sunday 12th April at DMBEC (front Green) starting at 2.00pm entrants to be 18 or under on the1st January , Entries on the day 2.00 ea or inform Mandy Pagett

28/02/2015  Re: Mary Stevens Park B.C. To all visiting teams SC Div 3 and 5

Due to our heritage lottery bid some 3.2 million will be spent on the park this summer with contractors vehicles parking on site. Dudley MBC has also placed some 320 staff in the main house with the park car parking of only 180 spaces.
Thus parking on-site will be very difficult this season so visiting teams should allow plenty of time and car sharing would be recommended. The local MP Margot James has organized a petition asking DMBC to return the car parking to the local visitors. It would be appreciated if any team can support this petition and help all park users to freely park on our park. The online address is https.// www.surveymonkey.com/s/marystevenspark
Your support would be greatly appreciated'
Thanks in advance Roger Wynne Bowls Secretary MSP

01/02/2015 Update to previous post on the web site for the Ladies Div 1 start on 28th April, Div 2 start 7th April and Cup Match 21 st April , (change due to now 11 (cater for 12 ) in Div 2 , Seniors Start 15th April Cup Match 29th April , Derek

22/11/2014 Uodate for your diary for 2015:  AGM - 4 February 2015 at Rowley Labour Club at 8 p.m.

Paying in Meeting - 18th March 2015 at Rowley Labour Club at 8pm onwards.   Thursday Divisions start 9th April 2015, Ladies cup is on 14th April 2015, Ladies divisions start 21st April 2015, Senior Citizens Divisions start 15th April.  Presentation Evening - Friday 6th November 2015 at Cradley Sports.  Derek Brookes, League Secretary.

14/11/2014 For the forth coming season the League has the following vacancies in the various Divisions
Thursdays 3 places - Senior Citizens 2 places - Ladies Upto 4 places
If any Club is interested in adding a further team please let me know before the end of the year
Derek Brookes League Secretary

11/11/2014  The Federation of Crown Green Bowls
The League have been approached by Bowlers over the past season to see if there is possibility of starting up a County side to represent Dudley & District League similar to that which had been done with Central Midlands . The Committee have considered these requests and are actively investigating the possibility of restarting the status from the Dudley & District Bowling League and applying to join the above Federation. This Federation has some 33 teams or Districts so there would be a strong possibility that any application would be considered favourably. The match organisation would be formed as part of the Dudley League main Committee with its own Committee to oversee the games and arrangements. More details will be discussed at the Leagues AGM when it would be voted on to see the way forward.
If there are any questions then feel free to ask any of the following Committee members for further information
Mandy Pagett, Chris Lambert, Simon Totten, Mick Brown, Derek Aldridge or Myself
Derek Brookes League Secretary

17/10/2014 First of all thanks to those who attended Wednesday nights presentation at Rowley LC regarding the scoring system that will be implemented for 2015 season. A few general notes for you.

The Players registration Form will still be submitted as usual at the pay in meeting. Barry will then check 2015 list against those from 2014 list and adjust accordingly. New players can be added in the normal fashion.
Players can be transferred in the normal fashion.
It will be the HOME teams responsibility to complete the score card as normal and to have it signed by the away Captain. It is then the HOME team who complete the score card on line and submit.
Away Captain to check on line the accuracy of the card and accept accordingly.
All the existing Rules regarding late cards, late submission of card, unregistered player etc will still apply
Whilst teams would still be able to incorrectly play a player who has already played on the date, the system will not allow the recording of same and then becomes an unlisted player.
Clubs will need to retain the cards, as this year, if sent on line, in case there is a dispute.
If a dispute then the card would have to be sent to Barry.
Clubs if they do not have the facilities to send on line, can still scan or post FIRST class post.
Score cards will be the same as last year
Log in numbers will be issued at pay in meeting together with an information sheet
Log in numbers will be the same if you have 1, 2, 3 teams + Ladies + Thursdays etc
League Rule 11 will be amended to reflect the new system
The new system also incorporates notice to Barry when matches are approaching the 4 weeks overdue date .
The Leagues Web site has been amended to incorporate the new system, when on the League Web site click on League Statistics and it brings up the new system.
If you want to try the new system, go to bowlingresults.co.uk and click on here for PC or Lap Top demonstration, Click on Club log in, enter demo click ok, then click on Audlem A which gives you a blank score card and away you go. Derek Brookes League Secretary