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This page will be used for passing information to all member clubs.

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Barry Jones, Web Master (bjbowls21@aol.com)

 Latest League News Headlines What's New on Line for 2016

15/02/2016  Secretaries of Senior Citizens Clubs (2016 season)
As you will be aware the League Fixtures are now available on the Web site. Please check your fixtures and make a note of those clubs which do not start at 1.30pm. Teams in Divisions 3, 4 and 5 marked in yellow start at 10.30 a.m  Dudley Dell C in Division 3 start at the normal time of 1.30pm but on DMBEC No 1 Green. Also be aware that in Division 3 Dartmouth Central home games at 2p.m.  Please ensure that your Captains are aware of the above  and that they do not fall into the trap of turning up late and being fined for not turning up. Derek Brookes Secretary & Barry Jones Fixture Secretary

25/05/2016 The development next to Sedgley Ex Club has now been completed and is known as POPPY FIELDS.
We are pleased therefore that there is additional parking available at the rear of the club adjacent to the green.
This parking is on the original garage site situate in
Could I ask all secretaries to post this on their web site and ask visitors to our club NOT to park on the area leading to Poppy Fields or to park within the complex itself.
Ian Dallaway secretary Sedgley Ex's B.C.

23/05/2016  Ladies Handicap Cup Quarter Final Draw now on web site.  Draw made by Karen Rolls, M & B.

Senior Citizens Cup Round 3 Draw now on web site.  Draw made by P. Turton, Gornal & Sedgley. 

Holmes Trophy Men's Individual Merit - draw for qualifying round now on line. 

Ladies Singles: Full details are now on line Joan

13/05/2016 The George  Smith trophy final & Jim Pagett Trophy qualifying round details are now on the web site. Joan

09/05/2016  The quarter final draw for The Dudley Herald Cup is now on th web site, go to League Statistics/2016 Cup Fixtures.  Chris Lambert

08/05/2016  Can I thank all clubs involved in the Ladies, Seniors and Thursday Leagues for putting their results on line within 24 hours of the matches ending.  This is the first time this has happened and you all deserve a pat on the back!  Barry Jones, Fixture Secretary

07/05/2016 For the list of qualifiers fpr The Mixed Doubles go to Merits and Comps and follow the links Chris Lambert

29/04/2016 Senior Citizens Challenge Cup Draw is now on the web site, go to League Statistics/2016 Cup Fixtures.  All teams first out of hat as listed are asked to take their jacks.  Could host green please provide toilet facilities.  Winners to enter results on line.  Joan

19/04/2010 The Ladies Handicap Draw is now on the web site, go to League Statistics/2016 Cup Fixtures Joan

18.04/2016 For The George Smith Trophy qualifying draw go tto merits & comps and follow the links. Joan

10/04/2016  The draw for the Dudley Herald Cup Round 2 is now on line.  Go to League Statistics and then follow link.  Chris Lambert.

28/03/2016  Dudley Herald Cup 2016  The Dudley Herald Cup first round will be played on Friday 8th April.  The draw has been made by Ant Bracken, W & W County Captain and is now on the web site.  Just to remind you the matches are 4 home and 4 away and the results must be entered on the web site by the winning team.  There is no need to send a card but it must be retained by the winning side in case of queries.  This season's winners will be invited to represent the Dudley League at the Federation Team Knockout Competition at the end of the season.  Chris Lambert, Cup Secretary

24/03/2016 Senior Citizens Challenge Cup  The draw for the Challenge Cup is now on line. Go to League Statistics in the left hand column of this page, then click on the green box 2016 Cups and select the appropriate cup from the list.  Barry Jones

11/03/2016 For The Dudley Herald Cup, Ladies Handicap Cup & Senior Challenge Cup go to league statistics/2016 Cup Draws & results. The draws will appear there once they have been made and it goes live just before the start of the season.  Results will also be entered on this part of the site, entered in the same way as we do for league matches. Derek Brookes

Please Note:  The winners are responsible for entering the match result on line.  Joan Taylor  Joan's contact details are joanmjt@gmail.com  or 01384 234846

15/02/2016 For Ladies Handicap Cup Draw go to league statistics/2016 Cup Fixtures.results. The first round draw is also now on the web site.  Go to Merits and Comps/Handicap Cup.  Joan Taylor

18\01/2016 Club Registrations 2016
I am now updating players registrations so can you please check your clubs list of players and if there are any missing, wrong spellings or players who have left, please let me know as soon as possible. My email address is bjbowls21@aol.com or ring me on 07881 966394.
Could I just remind you that the cost for registering players is nil, but use an unregistered player and it will cost your club 10, have points deducted and scores which could mean a game that was won becomes a defeat. It will only take you a few minutes to check the list! If you wish to add players to your list during the season, please let me know (not Derek as he has enough to do).

I wish you all the best for the coming season.
Barry Jones Match Secretary

13/01/2016 Uodate for your diary for 2016:  AGM - 3rd February 2016 at Rowley Labour Club at 8 p.m.

Paying in Meeting - Wednesday 16th March 2015 at Rowley Labour Club at 8pm onwards.   Thursday Divisions start 7th April 2016, Ladies cup is on 12th April 2016, Ladies divisions start 5th April 2016, Senior Citizens Divisions start 13th April 2016.  Presentation Evening - Friday 4th November 2016 at Cradley Sports.  Derek Brookes, League Secretary.

Proposed Rules Changes 2016 DUDLEY & DISTRICT BOWLING LEAGUE
Rule 1 League Rules.
After average on 5th line add If two Clubs tying in league tables affect promotion or relegation then the highest position will be decided by the total result between the two Clubs, i.e. points, aggregate, team wins , individual winners, away win .
Reason In season 2015 two clubs tied under the current rules for runners up place in Division 1, which could have happened in any runner up / relegation place . So further clarification required.
Rule 11 League Rules.
Score Cards, - Remove reference to emails or first class post and use the on line method only
Reason – The online scoring system was introduced in 2015 and some 1520 cards were involved. 203 cards were received by post costing some 125.86. Some of these were because the Clubs had already stamped the cards and others were sent in although the result had already been recorded by the online method. Therefore approximately 6.5% was by post. (Basing on 100).With the very small % of posting, proposal is to remove the posting /email method and use only the on line method.
Rule 18 League Rules
Remove this Rule as it is covered by Rule 11
Rule 12 League Rules.
Line 5 after player from that Club - Cups / Trophies returned in a dirty condition to be fined 20.00. Clubs returning Cups /Trophies in a damaged condition are responsible for the cost of repairs.
Reason Last season Cups were returned in a dirty condition example as photo included of Clubs.
After last line add – including all records.
Reason – The Cup /Trophy has all the history when lost by Clubs, so Cup/ Trophy should be replaced in a condition as received at the Presentation Evening.
Rule 17 League Rules
After fines add- and Monetary charges.
Reason – When Monetary charges are involved there is no time stated when payment is due, this change is to rectify this situation.
Rules Involving Cup Competitions ie Herald Cup, Ladies Handicap Cup & SC League Cup
Within these 3 sets of Rules there are triplication and duplication of Rules, so the 3 rules will be made into a generic form with the differences listed. (not full listed for the meeting)
Rules Involving Doubles & Triples Finals.
Rule 4
After Player on first line - change being deceased to- has a medical condition then a substitute may be allowed subject to approval of Competition Secretary and 2 League Officials. Player chosen must not have played in QR. Any possible change to be notified at least 4 days before the Final.
Reason Player in 2015 broke their wrist and played with the plaster removed before the injury had properly healed .
League fees –Proposal is to increase Fees across the Divisions 10.00 Thursday , 7.50 Senior Citizens and Ladies all per team, this will be discussed under Balance sheet discussion . this will be the firsat increase since 2008
The above proposals agreed by Management Committee Derek Brookes Secretary 2016

18/01/2016  Federation News Update
The Dudley League have now been formally accepted into the Federation of Crown Green Bowls for 2016
season. Listed below are dates for the Federation Matches and opponents.
24th April v Liverpool / St Helens
22nd May v Southport
26th June v Airedale B ( Bradford )
24th July v Mon Menai
21st August Bye
The Federation also runs various Team and Merit Competitions as follows -
Team KO Competition for teams of 8 players - 16 teams on the day which is Sunday 11th September, the
Winners of the Herald Cup will be invited to represent the League in this event. Within this event
Is a supplementary competition for losers in the first round. This is being staged in Prestwich / Whitefield
Individual Merit Competition, The Winners of Leagues Men’s & Ladies Competition will be invited to
Represent the Dudley League which on Sunday 18th September, involving 64 players. Staged at Garswood
Hall, Aston in Makerfield.
Senior Citizens Merit Competition, the Winner of 2015 Champion of Champions event will be
Invited to represent the Dudley League which is on Friday 19th August, involving 32 players, being staged at
New Brighton Cricket Club. Both these Competitions are open Competitions.
Finally there is a Champion of Champions event which is for winners of each division, 8 players per team
Played on Sunday 25th September being held in Blackburn area. If involved, players would be selected from
Team Squad.
Currently the Committee are involved in preparing for next year and also considering players to represent
The League in the Federation. A squad meeting will be held early next year to meet the selected
For those of you who use Facebook the League have a Federation Facebook page called Dudley & District
Bowls Federation.
Information regarding the Federation can be found on Web Site- The Federation of Crown Green Bowls
Sponsorship would be most welcome in any form either in the monthly programmes or via advertisement at
The Federation Matches.
Federation Committee Members – Derek Aldridge, Mick Brown, Derek Brookes, Chris Lambert,
Simon Totten & Mandy Pagett.
Derek Brookes League Secretary