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 Latest League News Headlines What's New on Line for 2014

10/09/2014  Final of the Senior Citizens Challenge Cup played between  Hilly House A & Coombs Wood A on the excellent surface at Coseley Athletic Club resulted in a win for Hilly House A having 4 winners and winning by 13 shots, M O M went to Brian Williams Hilly House for giving them a good start with 21- 6 win Derek

05/09/2014 The Final of the Senior Champion of Champions was played at Coombs Wood on a pleasant and warm afternoon with the finalists from the SC merit completions taking part . The winner was Jenny Geary Woodman SW beating Ray Thomas Gate CG 21- 7 Derek Brookes


.Coombswood v Hilly House.
DRESS CODE WILL APPLY. Thank you - Joan Taylor

01/09/2014  Dudley League Junior Merit Final Report. Played at Woodman Saltwells on a sunny afternoon the finalist were Craig Anisbury Dudley Sports and Cian Danter Cradley Sports both finalists played very well and Craig retained his winners trophy winning 21 -11 . Stars for the future to watch out for are Lucy Skidmore and Tom Skidmore who narrowly lost to Cian 21- 17 in the semi final .  Derek Brookes


The following are invited to play in the above match
Start time 12.30pm (Please note change of start time.)
Robert Ferguson - Woodfield
Ray Thomas Gate - Colley Gate
Mario Caserio - Langley
Jenny Geary - Woodman Saltwells
Michael Harvey - Lye & Wollescote
Ray Turner - West Bromwich F.S.
David Whitehouse - Cradley Heath Libs.
Alan Price - Cradley Heath Libs.
*** If you are unable to attend please let me know asap on 01384.234846. mob.07910361145
Thank you. Joan Taylor

30/08;2014 LADIES DIVISION 1 & 2 DOUBLES The final of both these events was played at CHL on a windy and rainy night
The Winners of the Div 1 Doubles were Sue Pugh Royal Oak & Karen Rolls beating Mother & Daughter pairing of Brenda & Sarah Fletcher 21- 14

In the Div 2 Doubles last years winners form the Old Cross of Julie Carpenter & Lorraine Deakin were looking to retain the Trophy , However Thimblemill REC pair Bonny Griffiths & Sue Hayward bowled well to win 21 - 18.
The Final was completed on Thursday 28th August at Dudley Dell with the winners being Alan Price & Dave Whitehouse CHL in a close game beating Jenny Geary & Alan Mole Woodman SW & CHL 21- 16 , Derek Brookes

25/08/2014 The Final of the SC Peter Barnes Doubles will be completed on Friday 29th August at Dudley Dell starting at 11.00am finalists are Alan Price & Dave Whitehouse CHL v Alan Mole & Jenny Geary CHL & Woodman SW


25/08/2014 The Senior Citizens Challenge match against East Birmingham over 60s played on Friday 22nd August was an outstanding success with Dudley winning at Cradley H Libs by 44 shots and away on a very difficult green at Goldieslie Sutton Coldfield by 15 shots Many thanks for Cradley H Libs for the use of the facilities and the excellent condition of the green

Scores Home
                    Scores Away
Alan Mole 21 -7                            Terry Meddings 21- 11
 John Harris 21 - 6                       Dave Barker 14 - 21
Jenny Geary 19 - 21                      Ray Labrum 18 -21
Ivan Cox 21- 11                             Mario Caserio 21 - 17
Graham Davies 21 -15                    Bill Chiswell 21 - 19
Mick Walker 16 -21                      Mick Brown 21 - 18
Terry Cadman 21 -13                     Pete Hayne 6 -21
Brian Male 21 - 19                        Dave Bell 21 -4
                              161 - 117                                      143 -128                                    
Derek Brookes Secretary                              

22/08/2014 Dudley Herald Cup Final scores and report go to merits & Comps /Herald Cup. Barry Jones

20/08/2014  Dudley Herald Cup Final at Somers B.C. Halesowen on Friday 22nd August

Start time is 6.45pm and normal final dress code applies.
The two teams contesting the final are Dudley Dell and WBFSC.
The draw is as follows ( Dudley Dell names first ) :
1. Martin Aston v Mike Hill
2. Craig Skidmore v Chris Watts
3. Nick Gritton v Andy Saunders
4. Mick Brown v Rachel Bennett
5. Nathan Dawes v Greg Smith
6. Jason Westwood v Lee Allen
7. Pete Withey v Richard Dandy
8. Steve Homer v Ian Pick

Those who know the Somers club are aware of the fantastic setting and great bar so please come along and watch a great game of bowls between two top teams on Friday. Chris Lambert, Competition Secretary

16/08/2014 Dudley Dell ladies beat Warley Ladies by 17 shots on Langley in the Ladies Handicap cup final. Close game throughout with the Dell having to give Warley 12 shots handicap. Thanks to Langley for use of their green, surroundings looking good too. Mandy Pagett

15/08/2014 The Dudley League are playing an inaugural Senior Citizens Challenge match against East Birmingham over 60's Bowling Association on 22nd August. The Home venue chosen is Cradley Heath Libs and the away venue is Goldieslie, Goldieslie Rd, Sutton Coldfield B73 5PF  0121 354 1231 start time is 11.00am with practice 10.45am for the away side at both venues. Practice available at the home venue 10.30am till 10.45am and it is 8 a side home and away match.

 Food will be provided at both venues after the match. Fuel costs will be meet for the away side.
The dress code will be as for League finals ie trousers and a plain coloured shirt or tee shirt.    Captain of the home side is Joan Taylor and the away side Mike Brown

 Teams Selected
       Home                                     Away
Terry Meddings Gate                        Alan Mole Cradley Heath Libs
Jenny Geary Woodman SW               Mick Brown Dudley Dell (Captain)
Brian Male Gate                               Bill Chiswell George
Brian Bayliss Hilly House                  Peter Hayne George
Terry Cadman Glasscutters               Mario Caserio Langley
Ivan Cox Cradley Sports                  Dave Bell Langley
Graham Davies Glasscutters              David Barker Coombs Wood
John Harris Woodman MP                 Ray Labrum Romsley

Mick Hudson Hilly House                 Barry Hardwick Cradley Heath Libs
Joan Taylor Coombs Wood              Alan Price Cradley Heath Libs
Mick Walker Coombs Wood             Fred Richards George

All the best to both teams
Support would be appreciated at either venue .

Derek Brookes League Secretary

11/08/2014 The Ladies Handicap Cup Final of this event takes place on Friday this week at Langley BC between Dudley Dell and Warley starting at 7.00pm with Warley having a 12 shot start. Langley green is looking very good at the moment with the surrounds full of flowers a lot of work being carried out . Regards Derek Brookes

09/08/2014 Dudley Mens I.M.C. results go to merits & Comps Chris Lambert

05/08/2014 The Dudley League Junior Merit will take place on Sunday 31st August, 2014, 2 pm start at the Woodman Saltwells. Entries being taken now...fee is £2.00 per player. Mandy Pagett.

02/08/2014 The winners of the Senior Citizens Triples Final were Woodman Saltwells  Sandra Bailie, Marlise Perks and John Middleton who retained the trophy beating the trio from Baggeridge of Ken Colesby, Lyndon Westwood & Ben Bennington 21- 16 after being 15 -11 down and then came the rain and they ran out winners . Derek Brookes

02/08/2014 For the full results of The Mixed Doubles Finals go to Merits & Comps. Chris Lambert

30/07/2014  SENIOR CITIZENS TRIPLE FINAL THURSDAY 31 JULY  Please note change of start time from 1pm. to 12.30 pm.  Derek Brookes, Secretary

29/07/2014 PLAYER REGISTRATIONS  Can I remind all Clubs that in accordance with Rule 5c no new player registrations will be allowed after 31st July 2014.  Barry Jones, Match Secretary


For Venue and Full Details go to Merits & Competitions. Joan

26/07/2014 LADIES DOUBLES FINAL - DIV.1 & 2. For Venue and Full Details go to Merits & Competitions. Joan

FRIDAY AUGUST 15TH 2014 7.p.m. START Venue  LANGLEY BC - Dudley Dell sc. v Warley + 12
Ladies Please note DRESS CODE WILL APPLY. Thank you - Joan

22/07/2014 Dudley League Competitions Update

A short update on some of the cup & merit competitions that are coming up in the next month. If you have teams or players in any of these then please inform them of the times and venues to ensure a prompt start.

Semi finals are to be played this Friday between Dudley Dell, Royal Oak, Gate CG & WBFSC. Could the winning captains please notify me with the result. The final will be held on Friday 22nd August at Somers, Halesowen with a 6.45 start. I will contact the finalists once known to arrange a date for them to send me the teams and order for the final.

This is to be held on Friday 1st August at The Wernley. Start time is 6.30pm however please advise any participants that in order to get this competition completed in daylight, it would be helpful if they were to turn up at any point from 6pm onwards. Pairs will commence play upon arrival. The draw for the finals night has been made and can be found on the link below to talking bowls :

This is to be held on Friday 8th August at Romsley. Start time is 6.30pm. The draw has been made and can be found on the link below :
Dress code applies to all the above finals.
A referee will be in attendance for all finals.
It is great for the competitors and league when people come to watch these events so if any neutrals fancy coming and watching any of the above matches they will be more than welcome. Chris Lambert

12/07/2014 Compertition Results:

Played on a very warm afternoon at M & B Ray Turner WBFSC became the Willetts Trophy winner by beating Michael Harvey L & W SC 21- 20

Mandy Pagett Dudley Dell on her birthday won the Ladies Merit Final with a win of 21 - 15 over Sarah Fletcher Dudley Dell at one time being 10- 1 down, with a run of 12 shots went 13 -10 in front and stayed in front to win the trophy

5/07/2014 Dudley Herald Cup Semi Final go to Merits and Competitions. Chris Lambert, Competition Secretary

01/07/2014  Ladies Doubles, Ladies Handicap Cup and Senior Citizens Challenge Cup Latest draws/information now on line.  

30/06/2014 Competition results. The final of the Copper Trophy Mens Doubles was won by Craig Cartwright White Horse and Craig Skidmore Dudley Dell who beat Ian Whitehouse & Kevin Hocknull Willenhall Libs played at Royal Oak
In the final of the Junior / Adult Doubles played at DMBEC winners were Cian Danter & Andy Poole who beat Lucy Skidmore & Kaye Coulthard in the final. Derek Brookes

21\06\2014 Ladies Individual Merit Final & Ladies doubles draw- Full details go to Cups and Merits

13/06/2014  Senior Citizens Merit, The Jim Pagett Trophy.  This competition has been won by Mario Caserio of Langley who beat Jenny Geary of Woodman SW 21-10 on Somers. Derek Brookes, Secretary     

08/06/2015  Senior Citizens Triples Q.R and Peter Barnes Doubles Q.R. now on line. Go to Merits and Competitions.

02/06/2014  Senior Citizens George Smith Trophy has been won by Bob Ferguson of Woodfield who came from 10-4 down to beat Ray Thomas 21-18 in the Final which was played at Cradley Heath Libs.  Derek Brookes, League Secretary

01/06/2014  Please be advised that Netherton Cons B have had to withdraw from the Senior Citizens League.  Any games already played will be converted to byes and those games still to be played will also be byes. 

26/05/2014   Senior Citizens Challenge Cup Round 3 and Ladies Handicap Cup Round 3  Go to Merits and Competitions

25/05/2014  Senior Citizens Over 70's Qualifying Round Draw  Go to Merits and Competitions.

24/05/2014  Peter Barnes Doubles and Triples Competition The closing date for entries is Friday 30th May. Entries to Joan Taylor, Senior Citizens Competition Secretary at joanmjt@gmail.com or via official entry forms.  Derek Brookes, League Secretary

21/05/2014 Mens Doubles Competition - Qualifying Round Draw go to Merits and Competitions.  Chris Lambert, Competition Secretary

12/05/2014 Herald Cup Quarter Final go to Merit and Competitions. Chris Lambert, Competition Secretary

08/05/2014 Mens Doubles Copper Trophy Please note that the final of this competition will take place on Friday 27th June, not 27th July as printed on forms. Chris Lambert, Competition Secretary

05/05/2014  Senior Citizens Cup Draws now on line.  Joan Taylor, Cup & Merit Secretary.

03/05/2014 Please be advised that Rowley Labour B.C. have dropped out of the Senior Citizens Div 5, any matches already played will be converted to byes and the remainder of the season those Clubs due to play Rowley Labour will have byes, it would appear that they did not like the morning bowling involving C & D teams. Regards Derek Brookes Secretary

01/05/2014 Hilly House The green at the Hilly House will be closed next week (5-11 May) due to work on the green and therefore home matches are cancelled.  Derek Brookes, Secretary

01/05/2014 Romsley BC Contact  Please note that for the foreseeable future the contact is Alan Sargent 07917 287100 or alan80sargent@btinternet.com  Derek Brookes, Secretary

26/04/2014 Mixed Doubles Draw Please find attached the green draw for this years Mixed Doubles qualifying round which will be held on Friday 2nd May. The draw was completed by Elliott McGuinness from the George. Please note the slightly earlier start time of 6.30pm to ensure games are completed in daylight. Could clubs with competitors named inform them of the start time and green they will be playing at. For full details go to Merits & Competitions Chris Laberth

25/04/2014 Re-arranging Herald Cup Games
Please can I first re-iterate to everyone that any results or postponements of Herald Cup games need to come to me, ideally by E Mail from the captain or secretary of your teams. Several clubs have failed to let me know the outcome of their games tonight directly and I have had to rely on people from other clubs to give me the information .I believe that the only match played tonight was Dudley Dell v Coombs Wood A but I only know this due to a post on Facebook by one of the team members. Tallboats v Coombs Wood B is the only match I have had no update on. All others have been postponed. Due to the busy nature of league and competition bowls at this time of year I have decided to allow teams to rearrange the matches between themselves. In order to get the games completed before the next round and to give teams ample time to rearrange them, all outstanding games must be completed NO LATER THAN WEDNESDAY 14th MAY.
Once the dates have been arranged between opponents, PLEASE INFORM ME so I know when to expect the results to come in. Thank you .Regards Chris Lambert

23/04/2014 Ladies Singles and Doubles Competitions - Closing date for entries is Tuesday 29th April.  All entries to Joan Taylor.  Qualifying rounds are played on a Tuesday night when there are no League matches.  Derek Brookes, Association Secretary.

17/04/2012 'Mary Stevens Park green is in a public park and the Local Authority also use
 the 'main house' as offices. They are moving a bigger department into the house which is putting pressure on the parking in the park grounds. Can I draw to the attention of teams visiting us, particularly for afternoon matches, that time allowance should be made for possible parking difficulties.' Many thanks Roger Wynne Bowls Secretary Mary Stevens Park Seniors

07/04/2014 Mixed Doubles closing date 11th April and George Smith & Jim Pagett Comps closing date 18th April. Merits & Competitions Secretary Chris Lambert

24/03/2014 Dudley Herald Cup Round One Amendment Go to to Merit & Competition/Herald Cup. Merits & Competitions Secretary Chris Lambert .

28/02/2014 Ladies Handicap cup draw rounds 1 & 2 go to ladies merits & competitions Joan Taylor Cup Secretary

18/01/2014 New Registrations Could all Secretaries please send details of all new registered players, together with their BCGBA number to the Match Secretary, Barry Jones, and not to the League Secretary, Derek Brookes.  Derek has enough to do as Secretary and this will avoid him having to send on the details to me.  Barry Jones, Match Secretary.

11/02/2014 Broomfield B.C. after match refreshments. The Portland Road site has been acquired by Warwickshire County Cricket Club who are redeveloping and upgrading the site.  Part of the redevelopment involves the demolition of the existing social club building.  We will still provide food after our league games but it will be served at the Smethwick Conservative Club approximately 1.2 miles from our green.  We hope that visiting teams will join us there for a convivial pint after the match.  Full address of the venue: Smethwick Conservative Club, 236 High Street, Smethwick, B66 3NL. (parking and entrance is via Arden Road). Portland Road, Edgbaston, Birmingham B17 8LS. Chris Price, Chairman, Broomfield BC.

22/03/2014 Dudley Herald Cup. Round One Draw is now on line go to Merits & Competitions Chris Lambert Cup Secretary.